Hollands Farm will be home to a range of facilities for play, leisure and just plain relaxing.  You will be able to swing, slide, climb and ride to your hearts content. Pedestrian and cycle routes will meander through the site supplemented with informal play areas.

What is presented here has been prepared for illustrative purposes to show how development of the site is deliverable and achievable.  We welcome comments by the local community on our proposals - please visit our 'comment' page to leave your views.

Design Code

In order to deliver new homes and infrastructure that complements the area, a set of design rules and requirements known as a Design Code will be implemented, ensuring the aspirations for a sensitively designed and high quality housing development are delivered.

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Enhanced Landscaping

Our sensitively designed landscape scheme will provide new public open space and areas for biodiversity enhancements over and above the current ecological value of the farmed fields.

Our approach sets a distinctive and new public open space network within the site, alongside new corridors of landscape infrastructure. 

Our proposals for Hollands Farm contains extensive open space, that is in excess of the Local Plan Policy requirements.

The high quantity and quality of green infrastructure and open space proposed will ensure Holland Farm is well integrated into the local landscape.


Our assessment of the site, shows the potential for archaeological assets to be unlikely. It is expected any possible remains present will be ‘low’ value features and deposits related to the medieval and later agricultural use of the site.

Hedsor and Riversdale Conservation Area is located adjacent to the south-western corner of the site, along with a number of listed buildings.

A very small part of the south western corner of the site is located within the Conservation Area.  Due to the existing residential built form, there is little to no intervisibility between the site and the conservation area. With a sensitively designed scheme the visual impact on this area will be minimal.

Housing Design

On the lower slopes of the site a medium density approach is proposed, supporting the accommodation of a mix of dwelling types and sizes including affordable housing.

On the upper slopes of the site a woodland development character is proposed. Lower densities will enable larger dwellings and plots with verdant gardens to carefully work with the underlying contours and integrate development into the wider landscape views.

The proposed winding nature of the proposed link road combined with the plots will help create a more rural and informal character with the development.

School Run

The proposed site allocation includes a new one form entry primary school at the heart of the development which ensures you will never be late for the school run again. 

The pedestrian routes and cycleways will make getting to school on foot or bike a breeze, and there will also be designated zones for easy drop off and pick up, if you do need to use the car.

Flood Zone

The River Thames flows to the west of Bourne End. The River Wye, a tributary of the River Thames, meanders through existing residential and employment areas to the north and west of the Holland Farm, the confluence point with the Thames located just to the west of Hedsor Road/Ferry Lane junction.

The vast majority of the site is located within Flood Zone 1 which has the lowest probability of flooding and is considered suitable for residential properties in national policy.  

A small portion of the south western part of the site falls within flood zone 2 and 3 and therefore, further work has been undertaken to understand the full extent of this.