The Site

The site is located to the east of Bourne End centre and comprises a series of adjacent agricultural fields which is part of Hollands Farm totalling 52 acres.

Hollands Farm is adjacent to Hedsor Road and associated properties to the south; Heavens Lea and Hawks Hill boarders the site to the east, and Wessex Road and Millboard Road lie adjacent to the western boundary of the site.

Public Rights of Way (PRoW) footpaths cross parts of the site and provide connections between Hedsor Road and Cores End Road, and also from the western boundary to the north eastern corner of the site.  The existing Public Right of Way footpaths will be integrated into the new development.

Wycombe District Council are seeking through a new Local Plan to allocate two sites: Slate Meadow (which has already been released for development under the 2008 Core Strategy,) and Hollands Farm. The ‘allocation’ of a site in a plan establishes the general principle of development on that site.

Wycombe District Council has formally submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State for Independent examination by a Planning Inspector, before formal adoption.  For more details on planning click here.